Gel Polish


  1. Prepare and trim the nail/tip as required
  2. Lightly buff the surface of the nail to remove the shine. Remove dust and clean the nail plate with GELLUV®Prep & Wipe solution. Make sure the edges of the nail are properly buffed and cleaned
  3. Gently stir GELLUV®Gel Polish before application
  4. Apply GELLUV®Foundation gel polish onto the nail evenly with a thin application. Cap the free edge. Cure as per Lamp wattage
  5. Apply a layer of three-step gel polish onto the nail evenly with a thin application. Cap the free edge. Cure as per lamp wattage
  6. Cure under LED or UV Lamp – Curing time as follows* – 36W UV lamp – 60 seconds, 36W LED lamp 30 seconds
  7. Do Not Remove sticky layer. Do not touch layers until final coat has been applied, cured and residue removed
  8. Apply second layer of three-step gel polish, repeating steps 5 & 6
  9. Apply GELLUV®Seal & Gloss Top Coat or Glitter Top Coat, repeating steps 5 & 6
  10. Wipe off sticky residue using GELLUV®Prep & Wipe Solution with a lint free cotton pad
  11. Apply a thin layer GELLUV®Nourishing Cuticle Oil to cuticles



Precautions & Best Practice

Avoid contact with skin. Remove any gel that has accidentally come into contact with the skin before curing. Ideal thickness is 0.1mm – 0.2mm. Do not apply thick coats of the gel as this will cause cracking & bubbling. Opaque colours may need a 3rd thin coat if nail is still visible.

Do not touch the nail surface whilst it is curing.

Make sure the gel is fully exposed to the LED / UV Light when curing.

*Curing times may vary according to power of lamp used. Adjust times to suit.

If clients experience a stinging sensation when hands are placed under the lamp, or are known to have damaged nails, apply a thin coat of GELLUV® Repair & Protect instead of Foundation Base Coat, before applying gel polish. Cure for same length of time as Gel polish. Do Not remove sticky layer or touch the nail until all layers have been applied and cured.





  1. Break the gloss finish of the polish using a nail file, removing as much of the gloss layer as possible without filing down to the natural nail.
  2. Soak a cotton ball with GELLUV®Professional Acetone and apply over the nail and wrap with aluminium foil
  3. Wait for 15-20 minutes. Remove the aluminium foil and cotton ball. Gently remove any gel residue with cuticle stick
  4. Clean the nails with nutrients.