NEW Utopia Collection

🧚 Welcome to your dreamy escape into Utopia 🧚

It’s time for a whimsical adventure -
Let your imagination explore the magical depths of Utopia with our new collection ✨

6 NEW, mesmerising shades feature in this collection, each shade is:
🧚‍♀️Highly pigmented
🧚‍♀️100% Gel
🧚‍♀️Chip-Free Formula
🧚‍♀️Made in the UK

Warm hues dominate with rich, vivid colour; shades of, deep mahogany, creamy Sienna and heart-warming chestnut. Complimenting the range are cooler, enchanting hues of purple, pink and gold 👑

Our newest collection calls on your inner artist, imploring you to create enchanting nail looks time and time again 🎨💅