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Gelluv® was created in conjunction with Nail Technicians to be at the forefront of creation and development. We wanted to develop a brand that was premium quality but affordable. We developed innovative and exciting new products such as our Hybrid Builder Gel+ Acrylic and glow in the dark Gel polishes.

Gelluv® is a UK based company and our Gel Polishes are made in the UK. All of our Gels are highly pigmented,  VEGAN and CRUELTY FREE! But the good news doesn’t stop there… 

We also manufacture and offer a large variety of premium quality yet affordable accessories any nail technician would love. We are probably one of the largest Nail file manufacturers in Europe and supply much of the Retail and professional Industry from our own factory in China. 

All of our products comply with UK and European regulations.


we truly beleive

‘Colour has no Limits’.

One of the objectives at the forefront of the company was to create a brand that was inclusive of everyone. We wanted everyone to be able to express themselves through high quality, affordable colour that they’re proud of.

In 2019 we were the first brand to develop a Men’s range of Gel Polishes, we want our brand to stand for more; a brand of expression and confidence.

The Gelluv® Team have over 25 year’s experience within the Nail industry and producing innovative and trend-setting products to market leaders that now YOU can be proud of to wear and confident to use.


100% Gel Formula

Made in the UK

Accurate colour dots

Cures in LED/30 sec or UV/2 min

Easy soak off

Non-wipe top coat

lasts upto 4 weeks

New products monthly

Hybrid builder Gel + Acrylic – Self levelling, odorlous, easy to use & as hard as acrylic

Over 400 products available

Highly pigmented

Cruelty free & Vegan

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